Welcome to The Alibi.

Today is about questions: What, Where, When, Why, and How?

Throughout the day the story will be told, often in unexpected ways. By the time cocktails are served that evening, Players will be squarely focused on the most important unanswered question of all:


When everyone is a suspect, truth is the real victim.


The game is in full swing, but solving this mystery is going to take more than just luck. On Day 2 Players will experience a series of true crime sessions hosted by some of the top experts in the world. From forensics to crime scene reconstruction to witness interviewing--these sessions aren't just for fun, they contain important know-how and tactics that must be applied to our case in real time in order to solve the mystery.

Saturday night's dinner closes out a day of intensive investigation.


The morning will involve some additional  sleuthing--perhaps confirming witness statements or taking another walk through the crime scene. But within a few hours it's time for Players to file their final reports.

Have you figured out what really happened? Who is responsible? What their motive was?

And, most important: Can you prove it?

All secrets will soon be revealed. Prizes will be awarded to our best detectives, but the best prize is spending the next year knowing that your 9-5 job is really just a hobby.

a weekend where CLUE MEETS CRIMECON

We've all seen hokey murder mystery dinners with bad puns, formulaic plots, and over-the-top actors. But what if there was a completely new kind of mystery game. One in which hundreds of players are simultaneously challenged over the course of a long weekend inside an upscale hotel? One in which the plot and mystery are methodically developed by top writers working alongside ex-FBI and experts from a variety of law enforcement fields? One in which real learning and education went hand in hand with entertainment?

Welcome to The Alibi.

After two years of developing murder mystery games for attendees at CrimeCon the team realized that there was so much more opportunity for the mystery experience if it were given its own event. Now, surrounded by hundreds of other true crime and mystery lovers, attendees have the chance to become amateur detectives for a weekend as they take on a case from crime scene to conclusion.

But this isn't just any old whodunnit, it's a complex mystery with twist and turns that will take critical thinking, a sharp eye, and an open mind to solve. Add in a day of true crime sessions from some of the top experts in the world, a Saturday night dinner, and lots of mystery-loving friends and you've got the perfect way to spend a fall weekend.

registering to play

Given the unique nature of this experience player spots are limited and this is an all-VIP event. Your registration includes everything you need to play the game, a full slate of true-crime programming on Day 2, a Saturday night dinner, and plenty of surprises. 21+ only.

IMPORTANT: All players, even local residents, must stay at the host hotel (the Westin Seattle) on Friday and Saturday nights as the venue is a critical part of the gameplay. Hotel reservations ($199/night plus tax) will be available in October, 2018.

Early Bird VIP rate: $449/per player plus tax. Hotel is not included and you must stay at the venue.
Early Bird Platinum VIP rate: $849/player plus tax. Hotel is not included and you must stay at the venue.