CrimeCon 2018 Guest Roundup - Happy New Year Edition

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It's time to say goodbye to 2017. For many, this year can't end quickly enough. But I like to look at the positives: 2017 brought us the first convention for true crime enthusiasts; brought resolution to the murders of Tara GrinsteadSuzanne Nauman, and James Byron Haakenson; and saw significant progress in the disappearances of Maura Murray and Natalee Holloway.

Unfortunately, there's no shortage of work to be done to bring justice and closure to the victims and families of crime. Fortunately for you, some of the most renowned and dedicated people doing that work have agreed to join us at CrimeCon 2018 in Nashville! Let's take a quick look at our initial guest lineup.

(Psst! I've been overhearing a LOT of stuff around HQ, and I can confirm that we'll have plenty of guest announcements in the coming weeks. Some really exciting stuff happening; looks like 2018 is gonna be a great year!)

(Psst again! Registration prices increase as soon as the ball drops on December 31! Register now for the lowest rate.)

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Leslie Green