CrimeCon Dos and Don'ts

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CrimeCon is a unique opportunity to meet your favorite true crime personalities and go inside high-profile investigations. It’s an action-packed weekend, and like any other event, there are some things we encourage and some things we don’t. Whether you’re a CrimeCon newbie or a seasoned attendee (i.e., you attended last year), here are a few dos and don’ts to get the most out of your CrimeCon experience.

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Learn something new.

CrimeCon is the perfect place to learn about a new case to obsess over, find new podcasts to listen to, or fine-tune your citizen detective skills. Immersive sessions are a particularly good place to expand your true crime horizons. Learn what happens in a real investigation with Sheila Wysocki’s PI Experience and put yourself in a victim’s shoes with Kimberlie Massnick’s Sensory Experience.

Be respectful of different theories and opinions.

The best thing about CrimeCon 2017 was the respectful discourse and positivity that you all brought to the table. Too many times in the true crime community we see combative bickering and arguing that doesn’t benefit the victims or the case at the center of discussion. I’m excited to see that wonderful dynamic continue at CrimeCon 2018.

Stop by our sponsor’s booth.

CrimeCon is thrilled to have the support of Oxygen. Following their flawlessly-executed rebranding into the new network for crime, they’ve given us some of the most thoroughly-researched and well-produced true crime programming available. Stop by their booth, get hooked on a new series, and say thanks for helping to make CrimeCon happen!

Make others jealous.

Use #CrimeCon on all social platforms to share your photos and insights. I’ll be feverishly pounding away at my phone during the entire event to answer questions and share insider info via Twitter, so make sure you’re following us there throughout the weekend!

Bring a sweater.

The average high in Nashville for the month of May is 79 degrees. The average temperature inside most convention spaces is, based on my experience, about 3 degrees. Bring a sweater or light jacket in case you end up sitting beneath the air vents. If you forget, don’t worry! You can purchase one of these awesome hoodies to keep you cozy.

Clear your June 2019 schedule.

I hear that HQ will be announcing the city choice for 2019 just before we get to Nashville and that tickets will go on sale for 2018 attendees first. Podcast listeners already know that the ‘19 event will be held June 7-9th, so clear those dates and you’ll be able to secure the best possible pricing for next year’s badges.

Don’t come dressed as your favorite serial killer/TV personality/investigator.

As much as I enjoy rocking my Agent Scully look, CrimeCon is not a cosplay event. We strive to create a respectful and welcoming environment with education at its core. Many survivors and families of victims will be in attendance, and we want to be respectful of their experience. Besides, homicidal maniacs look just like everyone else, so just come as you are. Problem solved.

Don’t steal stuff from mock crime scenes.

While the respectful discourse was the best part of CrimeCon 2017, the worst part was when someone STOLE A PIECE OF EVIDENCE FROM THE MURDER MYSTERY CRIME SCENE HOW DARE YOU WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?!

Okay, I feel better. But really, just don’t steal stuff from demonstrations, displays, or mock crime scenes. Stealing is, after all, a CRIME. Fortunately, one dedicated guest was still able to solve the weekend murder mystery in Indianapolis, so your evil plan didn’t work, Stickyfingers McGrabbyhands.

Don’t plan to spend evenings in your room.

CrimeCon is a workout. Sessions typically begin at 8:30 am and some days won’t wrap up until after 11:00 pm. VIPs especially won’t want to miss the CrimeCon VIP takeover of Nashville’s famous Wildhorse Saloon! (Don’t worry, there are coffee shops on site at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel to help you power through that afternoon slump.)

Don’t be afraid to fly solo.

I have exactly one friend who shares my enthusiasm for true crime, so I know it can be a lonely indulgence. If you can’t rally your squad to accompany you to CrimeCon 2018, you can confidently show up solo and walk away on Sunday with a dozen new friends. At CrimeCon 2017, I met a surprising number of solo attendees and I’m excited to reunite with my “partners in CrimeCon” in Nashville.

Don’t take photos if a speaker so requests.

It’s tempting to break out the phone to snap a few pics of your favorite speakers in action at CrimeCon. However, photography is allowed at the discretion of the speaker. If a speaker prefers that the audience does not take photos, they will make an announcement at the beginning of the session. Please be mindful and respectful of their wishes.


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