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Crime Conversations with Kimberlie Massnick

Crime Conversations with Kimberlie Massnick:

Learn all about criminology in this Insider exclusive interview with CrimeCon attendee and Professor, Kimberlie Massnick. She discusses her unique approach to teaching and the real-life cases she's investigated in the classroom.


About Kimberlie Massnick:

Kimberlie Massnick, PhD is a criminologist who specializes in sexual offenders and serial killers. She is an assistant professor of criminal justice at Indian River State College where she believes that learning needs to get out of the classroom. She stages crime scenes instead of giving traditional exams, takes her students out to assist law enforcement with searches and participates in countless opportunities with the homeless, addicted and juveniles in need. Massnick believes that to be a great professor one needs to be a lifelong learner.