Join Sheila Wysocki, a renowned 14-year private investigator, to learn the ins-and-outs of what it takes to be a PI. Attendees will work with Sheila and her handpicked group of world-class PIs from across the country on a real case in Sheila's current portfolio. From analyzing the 911 call and police statements to walking through the crime scene, attendees will become the investigators themselves – asking questions and ultimately determining a conclusion to the case.

ABOUT THE CASE: Attendees in this workshop will investigate the case of Jonathan Crews.

On February 2, 2014, the 27-year-old Jonathan Crews was found dead from a gunshot wound in his bed. Brenda Lazaro, 26, made the 911 call around 11:30 pm saying that Jonathan had committed suicide to prove his love for her. But family and friends of Crews tell a much different story: they say Brenda shot him in a jealous rage. Was it suicide, or murder? Work this case alongside Sheila and help the family find out, once and for all.



WHEN: Friday, May 4th, beginning at 8:30p CT. This workshop is expected to run approximately 2-3 hours.

WHERE: Gaylord Opryland, room TBA

TICKETS: Very limited availability. Tickets include all necessary materials to participate in the workshop. No food will be served, attendees are urged to eat prior to the start.


ABOUT SHEILA: Known for cracking even the hardest of cold-cases, Sheila brought justice to the family of her college roommate, who was brutally murdered when they were sophomores. The case went cold for 26 years, but that didn't stop Sheila from investigating and finding the evidence the police needed to solve the murder. Sheila works primarily on cold cases and has been featured on numerous national media outlets.


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Was it Suicide or Murder?

Animation by Gray Hughes

Brenda Lazaro told police that she and Jonathan were in his room talking and eating while she sat on the floor and Crews lay on his bed. She said they’d had an argument about another women. “We were just having a discussion and we were just talking and he just said that he loved me. And I didn’t believe him. He said he was gonna prove that he loves me. I didn’t know he had a gun.”

Lazaro says that Crews then told her to cover her ears, at which point she heard a gunshot. When she stood up, she says she found Crews lying dead in his bed with a gunshot wound to his chest. Brenda called 911 and told the operator, “He just said that he loved me and I didn’t need to leave him and…he said that he was going to prove that he loved me.” 

The day before his death, Jonathan told his sister, Dani, that he was going to end his relationship with Brenda because they’d been fighting over his friendship with Emily. The jealousy allegedly began when Emily and Jacob Ramsey went on a double date with Brenda and Jonathan a few weeks before his death. Emily says that when she and Jonathan hugged hello at the beginning of the date, Brenda instantly became jealous.

Weeks later, did Jonathan kill himself to prove his love to Brenda Lazaro? Or did Brenda kill Jonathan in a jealous rage?


What did Brenda tell us about that night in her 911 call?

What did the crime scene tell us about the gun?

What did the crime scene tell us about Jonathan’s actions?

Is it possible for a Sig 226 to be shot at the angle shown on the autopsy?

Was Brenda or Jonathan depressed?

Who are the witnesses you would want interview?

Should Brenda be arrested based on the evidence we have?


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