Thank you for your interest in covering CrimeCon!

Media Applications, Guidelines & Policies

CrimeCon is happy to provide complimentary press credentials for media outlets to cover the event. To qualify as a media outlet, you must belong to an accredited news media or “working” media that specializes in producing, broadcasting, writing, recording, or creating content meant to be shared with a large, public audience.

Please read all of the following terms prior to submitting an application.

Media Credential Application Guidelines

·      Recognized and well-established print, radio, television and online media outlets qualify for two press passes (with limited exceptions for size and scope of press outlet).

·      Approved blogs/podcasting and genre organizations qualify for one press pass (with exceptions for size and scope of outlet)

·      If approved, YOU MUST provide a business card when picking up your credentials. The card must include your name, contact information, and the name of your media outlet. Your photo ID must match the name on the business card and this application. Official media credentials may also be used as your business card.

·      If approved, media credentials will only be available for pickup during specified times at the event and will not be mailed ahead of time.

·      All interviews, photographs, and video footage with celebrity/media guests will be granted on a limited basis. Interviews must be pre-arranged through the CrimeCon media representative or the guests’ PR representative and are not confirmed until you receive written notice.

·      No photographs, video footage, or interviews can be scheduled with celebrity guests and spokespersons without the prior approval of CrimeCon/Red Seat Ventures, LLC.

·      Media credentials will be granted only to those outlets interested in providing significant media coverage for CrimeCon and CrimeCon-related events.

·      CrimeCon media credentials will not be granted to anyone whose principal purpose for attending CrimeCon is, in our judgment, for reasons other than covering the event as working news media.

·      Media accreditation is reserved for working members of the media only. This includes editors, reporters, producers, camera crews, and still photographers.

·      CrimeCon reserves the right to deny press credentials at any time for any reason, including failure to show significant efforts to cover and promote CrimeCon events and news items.

·      No report or CrimeCon coverage containing proprietary information may be published without the prior written approval from CrimeCon/Red Seat Ventures, LLC. 

·      We reserve the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke previously issued CrimeCon accreditation/credentials at any time.

·      Misconduct or misrepresentation of position and/or publication/news organization may prohibit you and/or your organization from future CrimeCon events in the capacity of press.

Media Coverage Regulations

·      Live broadcasts must be pre-arranged and pre-approved by CrimeCon/Red Seat Ventures, LLC.

·      Media equipment is allowed in specially designated areas of certain sessions during posted show hours only, unless special arrangements have been agreed upon in advance with CrimeCon media relations personnel.

·      No media organization may take photographs or record images of, or otherwise use, an exhibitor's or sponsor’s booth, without the knowledge and consent of the exhibitor or sponsor.

·      Media, including camera crews, must not block the flow of traffic on the exhibition floor.

·      On-site signage is permitted only for exhibiting media, or for media with sponsorship agreements in place with CrimeCon/Red Seat Ventures, LLC.

·      All photographs or footage taken at CrimeCon may be used for editorial purposes only. Any other use requires the written approval of CrimeCon/Red Seat Ventures, LLC.

·      No video footage may be taken during live programming and/or entertainment events without the prior approval of CrimeCon media personnel.

Application Process for CrimeCon 2019 is OPEN.  Please fill out the application below.

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